What do you mean you don’t coupon?!? Gasp

Its true. I don’t do it. I tried, really I did. I got the binder, I cut all the coupons. Heck, I even made a coupon category map and put everything in the clear protective sleeve thingy. Those things took forever to find by the way. And off I would go, getting all my stuff I had a coupon for. I was saving tons of money. But wait…was I really? Would I have bought the creamed spinach if I didn’t have a coupon? No, no I wouldn’t have. It’s true, I did save twenty cents on said creamed spinach, but would I have saved $5 if I didn’t buy it at all? Touche creamed spinach guy, laugh all the way to the bank Buddy.

This has been a hard concept for me. I swear I am constantly telling my husband, “But Honey, it was on sale’. The sweet man does a little smile, the teeniest shake of his head and says a word or two so I don’t then start yelling about how he never listens to me. (yup, I know your tricks Schroeder – and I might just adore them)


Do I love saving money? Of course. I WON’T walk into Hobby Lobby without my coupon. Bed, Bath and Beyond? No way Jose, I’m not stepping foot in there without my 20% off. Do I make sure I grab an oil change coupon before heading out? You better believe it. And Shutterfly? Forgetaboutit. Gotta have a coupon code before I go anywhere near that place. Coupons and discounts for what I’m already buying? Huge fan. But isn’t that the tricky part? Isn’t that what Creamed Spinach Guy is counting on, my lack of self-control?

Sometimes I get frustrated. Who me? Yes. Totally me.

I go bonkers having to log into the app, to scan every item to see if it has a coupon, to then have the check out person then scan that off my phone. Ugh. Can’t everything be one price? Why do I have to be a part of your special secret club? One more app, one more password, one more resetting of that password because I don’t remember what brilliant thing I decided to do with your 5 bazillion point password protection. Seriously, I need 12 digits containing letters, numbers and characters for a 10 cent off coupon? I just can’t even. Can’t things just be on sale for everyone? Do I really need to know the secret handshake to get 10 cents off? Ugh.

So… if you see me in the store just stomping my feet, whimpering something incomprehensible about how I want my two dollars…just pet my head gently, tell me I’m pretty, and help me take a sledgehammer to my phone.

*Waving fist in frustration*

‘I just needed shampoo!!!


Do you coupon? Do you do your own version of couponing? Do you have a place you won’t ‘cross the threshold’ without a coupon?

What do you mean you don't coupon


3 thoughts on “What do you mean you don’t coupon?!? Gasp

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