When Does it Stop Being Cost Effective

I mentioned yesterday that I am a fan of saving money when I can. I think it’s great. Well, mostly great. I remember one spring, about this same time of year; I decided it would be a fabulous idea to go get my legs waxed. But wait….I could totally do it myself, right? Totally.

Brilliant idea number two….? Wait for it…

Isn’t there some sort of wax you can make yourself?

Oh yeah, we’re doing this people.


The internet is a beautiful thing. Heck, I can look up anything and find at least one article that supports my little dose of crazy. On this particular day I found a recipe for sugar wax.

It didn’t seem too hard. It explained to me that I needed to put sugar (plus a few other things) in a pot on the stove and just boil it to a nice brown color.

Easy peasy, this is going to be awesome. I’m going to save money and be uber cute. *winning*

OK, so…here we go..Darren just left for work (yes, this is way back when he was working nights). I’m all set up in the middle of the kitchen floor. I have a towel all laid out, one cup full of the molten sugar and one cup full of ice water. Ready?

Ok, so I needed to pour a bit of the sugar into the water, where it makes this cute little ball. Then I scoop out the ball with my fingers and smush it onto my leg and then just rip it right off.

Weird. It’s not working.

Ok, try again – pour molten sugar into water, grab ball, smush on leg, rip off. Still not working. Ugh. One more time…pour, grab, smush, rip. Son of a biscuit.

Pour, grab….

Wait. Dude. I just put my hand in the molten sugar instead of the water, didn’t I? Son of a…

I am now trying to flick the molten sugar off my 4 fingers on my right hand. Turns out molten sugar does not come off…I ran over to the sink & stuck my hand under cold water to finally stop the 330 degree sugar from cooking my hand.

The rest of the story is even more embarrassing…Darren comes home from work, runs me over to Urgent Care where they dress my hand with some fancy burn cream that I have to change every day or so and I end up having to go see my doctor about a month or two later about all the nerve damage I did. So great.

I guess to make a long story short, between the Urgent Care visit, doctor visits, dressing changes, and awesome nerve damage this is no longer a cost effective method of hair removal.

I’m going to the salon just like everyone else now.

Lesson learned.


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