Who Doesn’t Love a Birthday Wish?

I love getting cards in the mail, any kind…especially Birthday cards. They make my heart so happy. The idea that someone took the time to write to me just makes me feel so darn special. “You like me! You really, really like me!”

A few years ago I started trying to make an effort to send everyone I knew a birthday card. It felt like I was writing a card every day. It started to be something of a chore, I had to think of a different way/a better way, I wanted it to be fun, not a chore. These were birthday cards for crying out loud.

I decided that dedicating a day to making them instead of a few minutes every day would be more my style. I spent my day addressing envelopes, writing birthday wishes, stamping and adding stickies that noted your special day. When I say ‘I spent my day’ I should say daysssss <= yup, extremely plural.


I needed an even better way.

The next year I printed the addresses, cut my time in about half. I still spent about a week writing out birthday wishes.

Fast forward to this year….

I knew you could make signature stamps, but was there anyone that could make a stamp of a whole phrase? Yatzee. I found her. I worked with an amazing lady who does this exact thing. She is incredible to work with & I highly recommend her. Fo’ Shizzle.

My stamp was delivered the other day & I couldn’t be happier. I was able to address, return address, add date, add postage AND write out birthday wishes in just a few hours. Dude. We turned it into a fun family assembly line. Jack-Jack was in charge of adding the Happy Birthday sticker to the back, Emily added postage, Maddie was the return address girl, Darren and I would switch off between envelope stuffing duty and birthday wishes stamp.

And Voilà. Done.

300 birthday cards that used to take me weeks has now turned into fun family afternoon. I get to make sure all our loved ones get their special card AND spend some quality time with my crew. It’s funny how picking out the stamp that matches Uncle Gary’s personality turns into a fun game. Jack thinks Uncle Gary would like the puppy stamp, so puppies it is. When Maddie is putting the fancy Pluto stamp on a dear family friend’s birthday card, she is remembering the time they came over for dinner and we all played Monopoly all night. She laughed.

It fills my heart to think about all of our dear friends and our wonderful memories. I hope when they get their card they think of us too and remember, if only for a second, how much they are loved.

I love Birthday cards

so excited to send you your card


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