That Darn Laundry

If asked what anyone in my family is wearing today, I wouldn’t have a clue. Do I scan everyone’s outfit when they leave to make sure I won’t be getting another phone call like the one I got a few years ago from my daughters teacher asking me to bring her pants since there seemed to be confusion on the different between leggings and tights and how her teacher could see her Holly Hobbie underpants? You better believe it. But I am willing to bet it wasn’t the John Deere Trucker hat, volleyball knee pads from 1st grade, a purple tutu, the belt from your robe, and Kermit the Frog t-shirt ‘it’s not easy being green’ that I found in their laundry hampers this morning? I think that’s a safe bet & I would take those odds.

I mean, really? I’m pretty sure you’ve worn that hoodie for the last 4 days. It’s stinky. Seriously Dude. 4 days. How in the heck is your laundry basket full? Ugh.

When I was talking to my husband the other day about laundry and how it drives me crazy, he tells me ‘What do you mean? Babe, you just put the dirty clothes on the floor next to the hamper and the next day they appear all clean and fancy folded and put away. Watch.’ *did he really throw his shirt on the floor with me standing here?

I can’t even.

I’ll give the guy props, he means well. He does tell me sometimes, with his chest all puffed out, that he helped with laundry. Does this really mean that he is out of clean pants and threw a pair or two in the washer – aka, pushed a button? *sigh* I guess I should look at the bright side, he told me about his manly-washing-machine-button-pushing skills. When he doesn’t tell me I usually don’t find the laundry he started until the next day AND THEN I get to break out a can of awesome on the sour smelling clothes. Uh yeah, they don’t give me a fighting chance, anything left in the washer longer than 8 hours (it’s probably more like 12 to 24, but I need a smaller window) turns into a stinky mess. <and another yes, I did just call my washer and dryer a 'they‘>

And don’t get me started on stains. What person in their right mind gives a 4 year old a permanent marker?! I’ve finally accepted that I can’t get out stains. BEFORE they go through the dryer? Maybe. I found this amazing stain stick that gets just about everything. But if you see a random button sewn on the kids ‘favorite’ shirt. Don’t judge, mmmmkay?

What is your least favorite chore? What do you do about stains? Any tricks up your sleeve? I’d love to hear about it.

Darn Laundry

shhhh…I’m hiding a stain under the button


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