I Always Wear the Same Jewelry

I always wear the same jewelry….One pair of earrings that I never like to forget as I think they pull the attention away from my huge nose. One ring in the top of my left ear (I guess it is called a Helix). I tried to do a Tragus piercing but I looked like an idiot – I totally can’t pull that look off. (we’ll talk more about that beautiful experience later)

I wear one necklace. Usually it is this one a dear sweet friend made for me. I love it. Two weeks before one of the kids’ birthdays I start wearing a necklace with their names on it. Right now I am wearing Jack-Jacks. Makes him smile – which in turn makes me smile – which in turn makes Darren smile…its one big smile-fest over here.

I have 4 rings. My puzzle ring on my thumb (aka ‘my fidget’ when I’m trying to think), my wedding band, a ring my mom gave me and my engagement ring. These last 2…my mom’s ring and my engagement ring….Darren and I go round and round about these. Granted they aren’t the Hope Diamond by any means, but they mean the world to me. They are sentimental. And this is where Darren and I disagree…I have a ‘decoy’ for each of these rings. I only wear the real ones every once in a while & for my ‘every day’, I wear the imposters. *gasp*

I know, I hear you, ‘that’s what insurance is for’. Darren says the same thing. He reminds me that my mom didn’t give me the decoy, heck – she never even saw it. Jewelry isn’t made to hide in the safe.

*ugh* I know.


My poor therapist would have a hay day with this one.

It’s true; this speaks volumes about the two of us and even our parenting. I want to keep the kiddos home and safe and protected forever – never to go out into that big, huge, scary world. “My Sweet Babies!” While Darren wants them to experience all the world has to offer, to explore, to take it all in.


I guess Darren and I will always disagree & I may always wear the decoys.

Sorry, I have to go…I need to go find out if I can go to college with the kiddos. I need to ask Mr. Dean Guy if I can just set up a lawn chair on campus and every morning (in my pjs, hair in curlers & bunny slippers of course), hand my little sweet munchkin her lunch and tell her to ‘have a good day, I miss you already, make good choices & be kind to your friends….I love you!’ just like I do every day today?

….that wouldn’t be weird at all. Mr. Dean Guy is going to love me.

it's almost Jack-Jack's birthday!

it’s almost Jack-Jack’s birthday!


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