Watch me dip, where’s the ba nay-nay

Growing up there were 2 ways I knew it was summer. One, mom would paint her toes red… and two, there would be dip. Yummy 1980’s dip. You could just see the calories oooozing out of it.

My parents loved to entertain and with friends over, that meant food….lots and lots of yummy food. I’d like to tell you that I didn’t plant my patootski in front of the dip for a good duration, but I’m pretty sure that would be a lie.


2 of the dips I remember so fondly I’m sharing with you today. They are mostly cream cheese, maybe that’s why they make my heart so happy. I wonder if there is ANYTHING with cream-cheese that I don’t like. Sweet mercy, remind me to tell you about this million dollar spaghetti my neighbor introduced me to a few years ago. Amaze.

The clam dip needs a different name as all these Schroeder’s turned their noses up the second I said clams. I think a wavy potato chip is the perfect companion. Maybe a butter cracker would be nice. Carrots or celery sticks maybe?

This fruit dip, dude. It is the epitome of summer and is just begging to be pool-side. We never got to have it with apples or bananas as they turned brown too quickly and mom said that was too embarrassing. I always thought that was funny as a kid, but here as an adult I totally get it. I love it with strawberries, peaches and kiwi…well, unless the kiwi is on the slimy side and then I’m all sorts of a kiwi snob.


Clam Dip
8 ounces of softened cream cheese
6 ounces of canned minced clams (drained and juice reserved)
Garlic salt to taste
In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with 2 Tbsp clam juice. Stir in clams and garlic salt
Serve immediately or chill.


Fruit Dip
8 ounces of softened cream cheese
2 7 ounce cans of marshmallow fluff (only because my store didn’t have the 16 ounce jar.)

That’s right, just those 2 things. Mix them together and you have a party in a bowl.
I will say serve immediately because it’s just sad if you don’t.


The Fruit Dip that makes my heart sing

Just 2 more things to do and we will have yummy fruit dip!


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