When in doubt, add a Shallot

We don’t eat much fish and I’m sure the fish sticks we do eat totally don’t count as fish. But when my dad would come into town, or we would go visit him we would have at least one fish meal. I remember the first time I made him this dish he yelled his joyous ‘Hot Damn’ when he sat down and then proceeded to add salt to everything. I always asked why he salted his meal before he tasted it and he always responded with him being old and didn’t have any taste buds left. Ever since I was a kid, he always responded with the same thing. It’s funny that I kept asking. Maybe even funnier that he always had the same response.


Every time I make this dish I can hear my dad saying ‘hot damn’. I wish you could hear it, the world shined a bit brighter when dad said ‘hot damn’. Or maybe that was just me.

This is a wonderful cooking technique, I traditionally only use parchment paper for baking but this is a welcomed change to conventional methods of preparing fish, I wonder if there is a parchment paper out there that looks like gift wrap – it can look like a present on your plate, adorbs.



The idea is to make sure you have a good seal, it’s the secret to the technique. After I do a million folds, I add a few staples. Shhh, don’t tell Mr. Gordon Ramsay.

I like to serve this dish with some beautiful roasted potatoes where I carry the same seasoning medley over into the potatoes. A nice crusty garlic bread is always a family favorite too.
Being landlocked it is tricky to find fresh seafood; I try to find a mild white fish for this dish. Flounder is one of my favorites for this dish; I prefer a delicate texture in this dish as opposed to something more firm – like a Halibut.


I’m making 5 servings here today…

5 white fish filet (patted dry with paper towel)
1 Shallot
1 red pepper (I picked red for the color, I think It adds a bit of beauty to the dish)
5 tablespoons butter
Garlic salt


Place the parchment packets on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes


Today we are making a parchment paper fish

Today we are making a parchment paper fish

When in doubt, add a shallot

When in doubt, add a shallot


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