Frozen Pizza Challenge

I was curious about frozen pizza. Well, I’m curious about a bazillion things, but for this teeny moment in time, it was just frozen pizza. I wondered why we always got the same brand. Was it because it really was the best, or was it the cheapest? Or was it just tradition? Was there something better out there? How much had the frozen pizza world changed since I was a wee little one drooling over a Totino’s Party Pizza?

Going out for pizza was always so much better than a frozen pizza when I was growing up. Frozen was a last resort, a very desperate second choice to going to. Heck, even desperate second to that creamed spinach hiding in the freezer. I crossed my fingers that there had been some improvements in the frozen pizza world in the last 10 years. Ok fine, 20 years.

Since we do love our food challenges and we were just weeks away from moving into a new house, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to find out our real favorite. Was I also a CRAZY LAZY and packed up 95% of the kitchen already, WEEKS before we moved? Maybe.

I bought a couple dozen frozen pizzas and made a chart. Dude, I want to try to figure out how to bring my love of charts and carbs together more often. Seriously, I need this to be a thing.

We decided on a 10 point scale, one being the worst and 10 being the best. It was entertaining listening to everyone talk about their favorite parts. Why they liked the sauce. What made the cheese on this pizza their favorite.

It took the full two weeks, sometimes having frozen pizza multiple times a day. I found that there is comfort in the brand that I always had growing up, but I think that is the nostalgia talking. I loved the days I came home from school, threw a Party Pizza in the oven and the plopped down to watch come Brady Bunch re-runs. My second favorite was the kind with the beautiful big crust. Half the fun of having pizza is being able to have crust and honey when you are done. But whatever you do, don’t ask a New York style pizzeria if they have honey. They don’t like it and tell you that you and your honey can trot on over to Chicago…but he said it with a little more pizzazz and New York flair.

Turns out it was unanimous, we all love the DiGiorno. Maybe even more than some of the delivery places around here.  The totally bummer? We might be burnt out on frozen pizza and won’t have it again for a couple years. My bad.

What’s your favorite frozen pizza?


Frozen Pizza Challenge 2017

Frozen Pizza Challenge 2017

Thank goodness I'm not in charge of finding freezer space

Thank goodness I’m not in charge of finding freezer space


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