You are a Rock Star

I can’t believe it was only 4 years ago. It had to have been 5. A sweet dear friend of mine did something incredibly kind and I was having quite an evening of insomnia trying to figure out some way to reciprocate the kindness. Boy oh boy do I enjoy being extravagant with thank yous. It fills my heart. Being able to oooh and ahhh over someone and let them know how stinkin’ amazing they are, it’s my jam. Dude, I should just carry confetti in my pocket and just throw it in the air whenever I want to say thank you to you. Ohhhh, and a band, I can have a band follow you….and churros. Brilliant, I’ll get a guy with his churro cart to follow you for the day. Oh yeah, this is like the best idea in the history of ever. I’m totally calling my churro guy.


The tricky part of this particular situation is that I was on a beans and rice budget and was struggling to make ends meet. There was no way Darren was going to be cool with me going all sorts of exorbitant the way I would like. He’s Lame. Yup, capital L. Churro guy and I BOTH roll our eyes at him.


Geez Louise, I wanted to tell this friend what a Rock Star I thought she was but I was out of ideas that were within my budget. Wait. Rocks. I have rocks; I have a backyard full of them.


That’s it. Rocks, Stars. I can draw a star on a rock.

I looked around the back yard for a nice smooth rock, brought it into the house, cleaned it up, grabbed my beloved black sharpie and drew a giant star on it. Yahtzee.

That afternoon I stopped by her house and had the sweet 7 year old run up to the door and leave it on their door step.

Dang it, they saw us.

My sweet friend asked what we were doing, I explained to her that I thought she was a RockStar and thanked her for her kindness. She stared at me for a second, blinked, and then cried. She then talked about how hard her week has been and that she has been struggling and that to have someone else tell her kind words meant the world to her. ‘Sarah, you have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you’

Well that did it. That warmth in my heart gave me the strength I needed to turn it into a thing. I spent the next few days finding rocks, cleaning them up and drawing a star on each of them. I also talked Darren into helping and he was in charge of putting a coat of polyurethane on them so they could stay outside.

‘You want me to do what?’

‘My Love, we are cleaning rocks, drawing on them and adding a coat of polly.’


We then dropped them off at all our friends’ houses, leaving them quietly on their porch. We also started leaving them around town, put a couple at the stop sign on the way to school, there is one in front of the grocery store, the library, a couple are in front of the gym.

Every time we would leave the house we would take a couple rocks with us and leave them somewhere, as if we were hiding Easter eggs.

We then started making smaller ones for people to keep in their pocket, cute little tiny reminders that you are a RockStar.

It was so amazing to do something where I could tell everyone I knew how fabulous they were/are. I get to give them an affirmation whenever they needed it … to let them know that THEY ARE amazing, totally Rock Stars.

We can do this you guys. I promise you that you truly are an amazing person; I am honored to have you in my life. My world is richer because of you and for that I thank you. YOU are a ROCKSTAR.


Jack Jack cleaning rocks

Jack Jack cleaning rocks

Sweet boy scrubbing rocks - his dad makes that same face

Sweet boy scrubbing rocks – his dad makes that same face

all ready for their final coat

all ready for their final coat

adding a coat of polly

adding a coat of polly

RockStars on my desk

RockStars on my desk


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