How Do You Pick a Favorite Mascara?

One of the questions I ask myself when trying to figure out what I want to write about is ‘what has been going on in Schroeder Land this week’…


There are a million projects I need to get done, so that’s out.


I’m only one week into Summer Break with 500 Schroeder kids, so talking about following everyone around turning off lights and saying NO to having ice cream for the 7th snack today is totally out.


Wait, there are only 3 Schroeder kiddos running around this place – I guess anything involving math is out.


I have no idea what to make for dinner, so that’s out too.


What I do know this week, probably the only thing I’m sure of…


My new mascara.


(Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either)


It is said that in ancient Egyptian times darkening the eyelashes was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the soul.  I do love a protected soul and we all know evil spirits are Lame-o, capital L.  They might be the stinkers taking all the socks.  Jerks.


I think I followed the same mascara time line as every other mascara junkie.   I started my mascara journey with the Pink & Green favorite, I think everyone does.  I think we should call it the gateway mascara.


I then spent a few years over in Department Store Land where I thought the price would equal quality and was quite disappointed when my $35 tube wasn’t doing the dishes around here OR giving me any luscious lashes. Stinkers.


Next came my time over in the world of Independent Consultant Fiber Lashes. Sweet Mama Jama, how anyone gets this stuff to NOT be a huge clump of disappointment is impressive. I did hear somewhere that clumpy is IN this year.  Or was that last year?


My next mascara adventure started when some It’s So Big literally fell into my lap at a party a sweet friend of mine was having. The theme was ‘Favorite Things’….I brought my favorite wine, she brought her favorite mascara.  I knew there was a reason I loved her.  She knows amazing mascara.


This stuff has never done me wrong. It truly is my secret weapon for days that I’m just not feeling put together.  It’s like I untwist the wand and it actually tells me I’m pretty.  That might actually be happening  (ok fine, not REALLY, but pretty darn close).


For a volumizing mascara I have oodles of love for the amount of length in one little coat. Feeling adventurous and adding a second coat? Dude, not a single clump in sight.  This is the mascara of dreams.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


The other day when I jumped online to order a new tube, I noticed there was a new product… It’s So Long…Big’s little sister. Now, since I’m not a volume girl – scratch that, since I already have the thickness (imagine Bert from Sesame Street’s eye brow glued to my eye lids) I was drawn to the idea of something being tailored more towards me and my Mini Berts.


Oh Em Gee, Becky.


This is the stuff my dreams dream about. Pure eyelash perfection in one teeny tiny tube.  I didn’t see that coming.  Turns out there is a product that can do the lengthening, curling, separating AND lifting they ALL say they can do.  Liquid gold over here people, color me impressed.


So I guess that is one less thing I have to worry about…the perfect mascara for these lashes.


Fine, I guess I better get back to figuring out what’s for dinner, who I need to chauffer where, when I can buy back to school clothes AFTER the inevitable summer growth spurt and which pillows & blankets make the best forts.  But I’m gonna do it with toats adorbs lashes.  Take THAT sock theifs.

Kinda like putting on my Big Girl Pants....but better

Kinda like putting on my Big Girl Pants….but better


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