These ARE the Wings You’re Looking for

A long time ago in a Hot Wing Joint far, far away…after years of having hot wings covered in a greasy hot sauce that burned off every taste bud I had grown to love and then had the power to dye everything this weird orange that even Crayola didn’t want to name, I was finally introduced to the world of Dry Rub.  I cried that day.

just about ready

just about ready

Where had this beautiful world been all my life?  I must find more, I must recreate.

Challenge accepted.

One evening we were having friends over for dinner and we all had our hearts set on wings, I did some searching on the internet and I finally found a recipe that I thought sounded close to what I craved.  This guy is a genius.  Sadly that first evening we did have to make some emergency modifications.  Modification one, we couldn’t refrigerate overnight – we NEEDED wings immediately.  Modification number two, there were hickory chips in the BBQ. So we would be doing a batch in the BBQ and a batch in the Air Fryer.

this grill is older than me

this grill is older than me

ready to flip

ready to flip

Turns out the hickory added something these wings did not need, the Air Fryer was a much better option in comparison.

We had these beauties again this evening.  But this time we did everything right and they were pure perfection.

“Oh, my dear friend. How I’ve missed you.”

No longer am I haunted by oily sauce reeking of Carolina Reaper.

Now witness the power of this fully amazing dry rub….



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