Why a blog?

I want to make you laugh. I want to see you smile. I want to encourage you to be a bad ass today. I want to Carpe the heck out of this Diem & I want to know about yours too. I want to see you nod and maybe have an ‘ah-ha’ moment (moment?). If my epic failure of DIY waxing brings you enjoyment or a ‘Dude, I did that too!’ then I’m a happy camper.


It started with a little story I wrote about my dad. See, he passed away recently and having both mom and dad now watching over me it’s been…well….hard. It’s really hard. I found writing the story, putting it to paper, quite cathartic. I know my husband appreciates me writing instead of the retail therapy I find also very helpful.




I want this blog to tell stories. Maybe make you laugh, maybe inspire you. Maybe it will start a conversation? I’m excited to go on this journey. Thank you so very much for being here. Subscribe. Stay a while. Let’s do this.

What blog?

The Schroeder’s

A Family in Progress

The daily bits of funny, chaos, knowledge, beauty and an ‘ah-ha’ moment here and there that surround this family and how we choose to muddle through it all.

A quest for answers and a quest for sanity

A dash of accountability, a smidge of curiosity and maybe a teeny pinch of frustration.

A bit of documentation on this journey that is our life

Maybe a story or two

Definitely a note or three about what I’m learning as a mom, wife, daughter (in-law) and friend.

And maybe a brain dump, favorite recipe, product/book/trend review along the way.

Perhaps a post or two about how our bedtime routine hasn’t changed, like, ever, and do I seriously have to tell you to go brush your teeth? And are you kidding me, if I wash this shirt one more time without anyone wearing it, I might just lose it. (Wait, too soon?)

Possibly a little DIY…or how my DIY turns into my sweet husbands DIY. (shhhh, don’t tell him that part)

Who knows, let’s just see where this adventure takes us, shall we?

Welcome to The Schroeder’s…a family in progress

Who’s the gal?


My name is Sarah and I am full time mom, full time wife and a full time career woman.


The 3 get tricky to juggle sometimes. I’m excited to share with you some of the stories of when the juggling is a success and the stories of when its not so much of a success.

I love writing and my family. Hopefully here I can blend the two into some sort of cacophony that someone will find entertaining.

Who’s the guy?


Darren? My husband? Well, that guy is a bad ass. He might just be the most supportive, kind man in the history of ever. Could his only fault be that he has a difficult time saying no to me. Dude, like I’ll admit that.

Who are the kiddos?


Ah, the kids. These monkeys have taught me so much in kindness, patience, organization and love. They are some of the kindest souls you will ever meet, yet still manage to turn on each other at a moments notice. I’m excited for you to get to know them

Anyone else?


Oh yeah, we have quite the tribe over here. We have 2 cats and 3 dogs. Family that we love and family that drives us bonkers. And no, I will not tell you if they are the same 😉


We have some of the most amazing friends you will ever meet. And a community that really defines a community.


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