What do you mean you don’t coupon?!? Gasp

Its true. I don’t do it. I tried, really I did. I got the binder, I cut all the coupons. Heck, I even made a coupon category map and put everything in the clear protective sleeve thingy. Those things took forever to find by the way. And off I would go, getting all my stuff I had a coupon for. I was saving tons of money. But wait…was I really? Would I have bought the creamed spinach if I didn’t have a coupon? No, no I wouldn’t have. It’s true, I did save twenty cents on said creamed spinach, but would I have saved $5 if I didn’t buy it at all? Touche creamed spinach guy, laugh all the way to the bank Buddy.

This has been a hard concept for me. I swear I am constantly telling my husband, “But Honey, it was on sale’. The sweet man does a little smile, the teeniest shake of his head and says a word or two so I don’t then start yelling about how he never listens to me. (yup, I know your tricks Schroeder – and I might just adore them)

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