I Always Wear the Same Jewelry

I always wear the same jewelry….One pair of earrings that I never like to forget as I think they pull the attention away from my huge nose. One ring in the top of my left ear (I guess it is called a Helix). I tried to do a Tragus piercing but I looked like an idiot – I totally can’t pull that look off. (we’ll talk more about that beautiful experience later)

I wear one necklace. Usually it is this one a dear sweet friend made for me. I love it. Two weeks before one of the kids’ birthdays I start wearing a necklace with their names on it. Right now I am wearing Jack-Jacks. Makes him smile – which in turn makes me smile – which in turn makes Darren smile…its one big smile-fest over here.

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Is it time to get her a phone of her own?

I’m not gonna lie. This parenting gig is hard. Like really hard (we drink every time I say that). My oldest daughter had been asking for her own phone since she was 7. “But Mom, all my friends have one’. *insert full body eye roll*

I went to an internet safety class at my daughters school one evening and the police detective that was teaching the class/seminar freaked me out. Dude. The stories she told. Jaw dropping. Like seriously, I wanted to go hide my sweet children in the basement for the next 100 years so those creepy guys can’t get anywhere near them. Over my dead body.

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