‘Good Morning…The Rest of my Life Gon’ Start Today’ – Max Frost

Over here in Schroeder Land music plays a very specific role. We are very sensitive to sound and we need music to add to the serenity instead of creating a chaotic cacophony.   I think I first noticed our sensitivity at the old house when we took out all the carpet and installed tile throughout the whole house….not a single sound wave was absorbed anywhere anymore.


Sound just bounced for days. You could hear someone breathing from like a mile away in that place. The easiest place to clean – not a dust mite in sight…but sound reverberated into the depth of your soul.


When choosing tile, I never thought of adding that little tidbit to the CON list. Oi.


Anyway, back to music.


During homework time and on the weekends we listen to classical music. I’ve found that it helps all of us focus and recharge.


In the mornings when everyone is getting ready for work and school, we all have our favorite ‘wake up’ songs.  About a year ago I heard part of a song… ‘I thank God every day that I woke up feeling this way’.  And then… I found the video of the song.  Sweet Mamma Jamma.  She is singing into a toothbrush running around in giraffe pajamas.




Maddie, My Sweet Teenager, I’m picking you up from school tomorrow in my giraffe pajamas.  It’s gonna be awesome.


Coolest. Mom. Eva.


I guess there are only going to be a few more years where I can pull of screaming MT & Justin Timberlake in the carpool line. Pfft – who am I kidding, I’m gonna be belting out JT when I’m picking up grandkids from carpool line…’Sing it with me, Pumpkin…Can’t stop the feelin…!’


I was watching my Grey’s the other day, I’m about 3 episodes behind.  Not only does Grey’s still tug at my heartstrings, but every episode name is taken from a title of a song AND I’ve noticed that they have had some absolutely amazing songs.  On this particular episode, I actually stopped the episode *gasp* and the song inspired me to jump up and try to put together a ‘wake up’ playlist.


I needed this playlist to start with this new song from Max Frost.  I wrote down about 20 ‘Good Morning’ songs. I found it quite encouraging, this quantity of songs in my mental library that I know and love that are about beginning a new day and breaking open a can of whoop ass. But I only found that 10 fit in this particular playlist that could get us up and moving.  I guess I need another playlist for my Bob Marley, The Rascals and Rascal Flats. Wow, am I really that old?


(This is where you say no, that I am just a cornucopia of good music. Dude, say it.)


Well, I was just introduced to Andy Grammer a few months ago, I first heard one of his songs by way of an acapella band. Are they called a band if it is acapella? They did his song, Spaceship. Talk about tugging at heartstrings. Crying is an understatement. This song made me need to find more of Andy Grammer’s work, which helped me find song number 3. I’m sure you all know it.


I’m disappointed in my weak transition between the 3rd and 4th song, but I’ll get over it. I did get my DJ skill out of a cereal box. It’s cool – you can judge me.


Alexa, please share with all my friends our playlist that will hopefully help us all Carpe some Diem and boogie around in our giraffe pjs.


wakey wakey eggs and bakey

wakey wakey eggs and bakey


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